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Building services
  • ventilation systems,
  • heating systems,
  • air conditioning systems,
  • public health systems (water, drainage),
  • smoke and heat exhaust systems,
  • heating plants: heat exchanger stations, boilers, RES,
  • cooling plants: chiller stations, cooling towers,
  • district heating systems,
  • BIM software used: REVIT.
CFD analysis services
  • fire and smoke spread simulations,
  • HVAC systems simulation,
  • wind actions simulations,
  • pollutant propagation simulations,
  • pipes and duct flow simulations,
  • flow simulations with heat transfer,
Other services
  • building energy modelling,
  • building energy performance calculations,
  • piping stress analysis,
  • design management services,
  • design coordination services,
  • owner assistance services,
  • dedicated engineering software development,