Big projects involve a large group of engineers. At this point, it is critical to establish good engineering leadership. People with a unique set of skills: technical and social must be involved to ensure smooth project development. To minimise the risk of costly mistakes – it is a best practice to provide dual-stage project checking by most experienced engineers before the project is released for construction. As a specialist in the building services discipline, we provide design management services and multi-stage project verification at all stages of the investment process.

We are looking forward to helping automate calculation procedures by developing simple, dedicated software applications tailored for the needs of our clients. In many cases, a simple computer program can save hundreds of hours spend on repetitive excel or hand calculations.

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  • Design author supervision,
  • Design management
  • Design coordination,
  • Technical advisory, owner assistance,
  • Energy modelling for buildings,
  • Building energy performance calculations,
  • Piping stress analysis,
  • Engineering soft. development.