Mechanical systems inside buildings are one of the most relevant aspects of a whole project. These systems are an invisible building fabric, which plays a key role in occupant comfort, health, and safety. If properly designed they let to forget about their existence, providing at the same time a perfect internal environment and low usage cost.

Sometimes if building services are being underestimated in project planning & scheduling, the outcome could be negative during the whole building life cycle. There are a lot of buildings, where a great deal of work was put on creating a beautiful facade – but savings made on building systems resulted in overheating, poor air quality, drafts, or condensation – leading to poor occupant satisfaction as en effect and additional unplanned costs of rework of already executed systems.

Our philosophy is different. We are delivering design solutions that are based on fine quality equipment, dedicated to clients who are passionate to create healthy and sustainable buildings. We are happy to provide our services to all clients for which quality of service plays a role.

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Systems in buildings:

  • Water-based heating systems opened and closed,
  • Ventilation systems: general, industrial, localized, dust extract,
  • Smoke and heat exhaust systems: natural venting, powered, pressurized,
  • Air conditioning systems: air systems, FCU systems, VRF,
  • Public health systems: potable water, hot water, drainage,
  • Heating plants: coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers,
  • Multivalent heat sources: heat pumps, solar panels,
  • Natural gas and compressed air systems,
  • District heating network: underground or pipe rack systems.

Project stages:

  • Conceptual stage,
  • Permit design stage,
  • Basic design stage,
  • Tender design stage,
  • For the construction stage,
  • As built stage.

Building types:

  • Industrial, manufacturing buildings,
  • Power generation buildings,
  • Public service buildings,
  • Office buildings,
  • Healthcare buildings,
  • Residential buildings.

The vast majority of existing industrial buildings show great potential for energy recovery. Heat is very often produced as a side effect from the production process and is discharged outside as a waste. Sometimes the energy is wasted due to the very simplistic HVAC systems design, executed many years ago where most of the environmental or energy-efficiency regulations were not in power. We can help out clients to re-design facility HVAC systems allowing for much more efficient and low-cost operation. In some cases, the energy required for heating could be reduced by 50% after heat recovery was designed and implemented into an existing system. Investment in our services and quality design can pay-off shortly, even after several months.