About Us

We are a group of cooperating mechanical engineers experienced in the field of building services.

The main scope of our services is delivering the MEP project for all stages of the investment process. We offer technical assistance services, we support project owners and construction companies providing optimized, cost-friendly sustainable technical solutions.

A complicated project is exactly what we are interested in most. All our projects are delivered in BIM developed in REVIT software. We have extensive experience in the field of numerical flow dynamics (CFD). We can also help you to develop a dedicated engineering application to speed up your engineering calculations.

Our services can cover the vast majority of building types, such as production buildings (food, chemical, power generation, storage), public service buildings, office buildings certified in LEED or BREEAM, health service, and residential.

We are putting great emphasis on our working culture. Our most valued principle is to create the best client experience possible through our friendly attitude and high ethics. We believe in a “win-win” approach – all sides at the end must be a winning side and close project with positive revenue.



The most important design stage is the CONCEPTUAL PHASE. This is a stage where we place the greatest effort to properly manage all key input data agreed upon together with our clients. The properly prepared conceptual design allows avoiding many difficulties and unplanned costs at further stages of the investment.


The CONCEPTUAL phase is a perfect moment to validate proposed solutions by use of an advanced modelling approach (CFD simulations). Many aspects can be investigated, starting from wind actions on buildings facades, and surroundings, including pollutants, spread analysis and recirculation in critical areas. The fire safety concept can be validated by fire and smoke spread simulations. Any proposed HVAC solutions can be also checked to make sure, that it provides the appropriate level of comfort (PMV, PPD).


All key designers involved in the project are licensed engineers with a recognized qualification in the building industry and officially registered in the National Board of Civil Engineers in Poland (equivalent to CIBSE / Chartered in the UK). Engineers we invite to cooperations have at least 10 years of experience and they are proven to have proper skills to create an efficient and friendly work environment.


Our work is always based on calculations. We do not provide numbers without a solid engineering basis. Participating in manufacturing projects where no process-related data are available is not our way. However, in such cases, we are more than happy to help our clients to gather and prepare required discipline input data at the pre-planning stages.


We guarantee an efficient, elastic, and friendly cooperation environment. We are not a corp-type of company. We respect our client's time. Out simple and decentralised business model allows for good pricing and fast reaction to our client needs.